Thursday, April 28, 2011

T-shirts ordered and other updates

I ordered 25 t-shirts this week. They are due to arrive on Tuesday. I will get an order form up on my website soon but until then, if you want to purchase one just shoot me an email at  They are $24.99 each. Remember I designed and drew the logo so you will be getting an original Tino piece of art.

Filled out my first Zapplication today. It is for Art in Bayfront Park in Duluth. I hope I get in! Now on the the Zapplication for Wells Street Fall Art Fair. They require a booth shot but guess what? My new booth is due to arrive via UPS tomorrow. The deadline for the zapplication guess it, tomorrow. Luckily Mary put a call in to the powers that be and they are willing to accept a drawing. Getting in this show is a double bonus. Get to take my art to Chicago and I get to visit my favorite Northwestern student, my daughter Jessica.

Working on new dogs. Right now I have a bulldog in the works. Thanks for all your suggestions for future dogs. I will definitly be making some. Keep them coming!

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